Colored correlation coefficients between searching frequency and PET index

Human Thermal Conditions and North Europeans’ Web Searching Behavior (Google Trends) on Mediterranean Touristic Destinations


This paper examines the relationship among the outdoor thermal conditions in northern European countries and their individuals’ web searching frequency on summer holidays and touristic destinations. While previous studies have examined biometeorological conditions’ impacts by comparing statistics from police and hospital archives, this paper focuses on the Big Data gathered by Google and delivered by Google Trends service as a new and promising species of data. The correlation of those two factors (thermal conditions and searching frequency) indicates the connection between the atmospheric thermal conditions and the alteration of human behaviour and desires. The analysis and the visualization of time-series, longer than a decade, retrieved by five countries, reveal the anticipated seasonal covariance and a striking impact of the thermal conditions on the searching behavior of the individuals. Additionally, the paper introduces a new field of combined utilization of web searching activity and atmospheric data

Urban Science